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This year on the 3rd to the 5th of March a group of 33 year 10s and 11s went on a trip to Cologne.

After a long night on the coach, on Thursday morning we arrived at the hotel and unloaded, then we went to the famous gothic cathedral. We could climb the tower (a height of 509 steps!) or go to the treasury or both. I went to the treasury which had a lot of really old artefacts, then we had lunch in town. I had a hot dog with some buttered German bread, which was delicious!

After this we visited the El De Haus where we learnt about the Nazi times and the Jews. It was very interesting, but upsetting. The chocolate factory was the next venue on our list and we had a tasty time. We even made our own flavour of Lindt chocolate!

The Hard Rock Café was where we ate tea, which was for me a Hard Rock burger and a mezzo mix (a mix of Coca-Cola and Fanta), and after that we returned to the hotel. I had fun using a chair to get up high enough to the wall socket to plug my phone in!

On Friday we packed our stuff into the coach and went to Cologne Zoo for a few hours. On the way home most of the boys were sleeping but were woken up by a bird striking the windscreen at high speed in Belgium - that was a very loud BANG. We thought it was an explosion and were all shocked.

It was a great trip: we all thoroughly enjoyed Cologne: es war fantastisch!

By J Hentschel



Sixth Formers AIM to go higher in their education

6F AIMSixth Form students went on a thrilling adventure through the exciting universe of Mathematics and Physics on Thursday 29 January. The enthralling and enthusiastic lecturers captivated the A-Level Maths group and tested the very boundaries of their knowledge. Samuel Edwards, an avid mathematician and learner, said about the event, “I enjoyed it, because it was fun”.

The Sixth formers experienced three exciting and engaging lectures from some of the most experienced mathematicians in the known world. They questioned the very reason why they used maths and physics in the universe with the self-proclaimed most entertaining lecturer in Cambridge. Next the stand-up comedian, and former Maths teacher Matthew Parker, took the students through the world of computer mathematics and through the world of binary.  He even showed them a hand-knitted binary scarf which translated into a warming message about maths.

The last and most famous lecturer was Marcus Du Sautoy, who is best known for appearing on Dara O’Brien’s school of hard sums.  Marcus revealed the illusion of sequences and the incompetence of Disney.  He allowed the audience to join him in his very own lottery game explaining the laws of probability, where the tension rose to an obtuse angle.

The students thoroughly enjoyed the trip and went away feeling refreshed in their knowledge of existence.




Sixth Form students visit Margate Winter Gardens for a road safety event,

licencetokill'License to Kill'

Sixth form students from Dover Grammar School for Boys were amongst the several local schools who visited Margate Winter Gardens last Thursday for the annual License to Kill road safety event.

The award-winning production aims to inform young prospective motorists about the importance of road safety, and possible consequences of dangerous driving. The event featured numerous guest speakers discussing their experiences of road traffic collisions including paramedics, fire-fighters and victims, and was accompanied by a film portraying a group of young people involved in a fatal collision. The day was well-received by students, who found the event moving and informative.



Gulbenkian Theatre Trip

Antigone Review

In the modern adaptation of the Greek tragedy, Antigone, we were presented with a fresh modern twist on a classic play. We saw outstanding performances from the main and supporting cast particularly the protagonist, Antigone, and most notably king Creon of Thebes. From the controversial opening scenes to the emotional climax, "Antigone" proved a well-staged and cleverly devised adaptation with a unique take on a familiar narrative. Thanks to Dr Spurgeon for organising the trip and to Mr Thomas for his driving and post-show analysis.



Year 10 DT Trip - Design Ventura competition - UPDATE

ventura1On the Thursday before Half term we took 38 year 10 students to the Design Museum in London. Since September students have been working on a competition to design a new product to be sold in the Design Museum Shop. The brief that they have been set is to design something along the theme of connect, which can retail for £10.

We travelled to the Museum so that the students could show their ideas to a panel of professionals and get some feedback and help in refining their ideas to make them suitable for the specific target market and ethos of the shop. They were able to show models, sketches and packaging to a professional designer, an employee from Deutsche Bank (the sponsor of the competition) and one of the Design Museum Staff.

The students received excellent feedback and were very motivated with lots of ideas for improvements. The leader of the workshops was very impressed and congratulated us on the quality of the work that the boys had shown, saying it was the best that she had seen so far. Claudia Honerlage, who works for Deutshe bank, was equally impressed and tweeted 'Blown away by all the creative ideas @DesignVentura. Good Luck Dover Grammar.'

Mr Cunningham and I are very proud of the work the boys have done and how they behaved on the trip, showing themselves to be a real credit to the school.

On our return to school after the half term and the trip to the Design Museum, students had one week to prepare for the School pitching event. The event is a national competition to find a new product for the Design Museum Shop.  Four teams were selected from nine, the selected teams had to pitch their ideas to Mrs Chapman and a Miss Gibney our guest judge who is a parent and local Architect.

The winning team from the school stage then had 3 days to improve their pitch ready to be sent for short-listing by a panel of expert judges at the Design Museum. They all worked very hard and re-designed their packaging and presentation sheets. Last Wednesday they uploaded their work with minutes to spare and we now wait to hear if they will be one of 10 schools who will pitch to the judges in person.  We wish them the best of luck and are very proud of the quality of their work and the amount of commitment they have shown.

100 6594

The successful DGSB entrants for the Design Ventura competition.






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