GCSE History

History at GCSE focuses on both Europe and America. In Year 10 you will start by examining the Russian Revolution and how it led to Soviet Communism. You will consider how a Mad Monk led to the assassination of the Russian Tsar and how Lenin and Stalin became key revolutionary leaders. These are some of the areas we will be finding out about through sources, film, first-hand accounts and the WJEC textbook.

We then move closer to home and look at what was happening to Germany and in particular the ordinary German citizen during the period 1929 to 1947. You will start by finding out what life was like in Germany following the First World War and how this influenced and affected a disaffected Austrian soldier - Adolf Hitler. How did Hitler gain power? Did the German people give him power through democracy? Who helped him on his way and what happened to his supporters and opponents when he gained power? You will finish this study by looking at the Second World War and how this changed the lives of the German people.

At the beginning of Year 11 you will complete the controlled assessment component of the GCSE. This is a research project on elements of the First or Second World War and its effect on Britain. In the past, topic areas have included The Blitz, Dunkirk, Life in the Trenches and The Generals of the Great War.

The final topic is an outline study covering the period 1929 to 2000 in the USA. This topic is split into an examination of civil rights and US Foreign Policy. From Hoover to George Bush via Kennedy and Nixon, what effect did the USA have on the rest of the world?

The course is examined by controlled assessment (25%) and three exam papers worth 75%.


The examination board is WJEC (A)



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