This course is a linear course with all exams being taken at the end of Year 13. (AS may be sat in some circumstances as a stand-alone qualification).

A minimum B grade in GCSE English is required to study this subject.

Sociology can completely change the way you see the social world around you and your place in it. It forces us to question the assumptions we hold about the roles we adopt in society, the patterns of our own behaviour in everyday life as well as in the major life decisions we take (e.g. family, work decisions). It examines the reasons why our society is organised the way it is, asking 'Is our society basically just or basically unjust?', 'Why is power distributed in the way that it is?', 'What kinds of effects does the mass media have on us as individuals and as a society?', 'What shapes people's choices about their family lives, religion, educational and professional choices?'.

In asking these questions in Sociology A-Level, you will look at the major theoretical perspectives that have shaped our thinking about the social world around us from those that defend and validate the social world we live in, such as functionalism, to those that offer a radical challenge to the world we live and its claim to be a just society such as Marxism and feminism.

In Year 12 you will look at the sociology of education, “Is our education system fair?”, Why is it the way it is today?”, the sociology offamilies, “How are families in contemporary society changing?”, “What are the reasons for these changes?”, and research methods, “How do sociologists find out about the social world around them?)”.

In Year 13 you will study the themes of 'Crime and Deviance' and either ‘Beliefs in society’ (largely about the role of religion in contemporary society) or the sociology of the media.



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