Cadet weekend - Napier Barracks

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Cadet weekend - Napier Barracks, Folkestone

21-23 November 2014

The planned weekend saw DGSB CCF take eleven Cadets of varying ages and cadet experience to Napier Barracks in Folkestone for two nights.

For the newly promoted Cadet Sgt Connor MAXWELL, this was his first real test of leadership and organisation at the senior NCO level, having that night been promoted to being in charge of the CCF Army Section. He acquitted himself tremendously over the entire weekend, gaining positive feedback from staff and peers.

The focus of the weekend was one of Skill At Arms which forms part of the cadet syllabus for both the RAF and Army sections, although is considered to be more of an Army Section activity. Trained staff concentrated on delivery of this aspect of the syllabus focussing on safety with a firearm, safe clearance of stoppages and misfires, and the marksmanship principles behind accurate shooting which applies to both small bore and full bore rifles. On the Friday night the Cadets were all put through the Safe Weapon Handling Test, all passing with flying colours.

Day two saw the Cadets deploy to a 25m Indoor firing range where a variety of .22 calibre shoots were conducted. The standard of the shooting was high with some of the Cadets setting a high standard from the outset. The complete beginners showing steady improvement throughout the day when applying the marksmanship principals they had learned the night before, in a practical setting.

During the shoot Sgt Connor MAXWELL achieved a well-deserved Small Bore Marksman qualification, making him the first Full Bore and Small Bore marksman that the Contingent has seen in many years. He is without doubt an excellent shot with potential to go very far in this discipline, given opportunity.

Cadets Alfie HERRINGTON, Kieran ARNOLD and Callum TYRELL all achieved First Class (Small Bore) qualifications, with Cadet ARNOLD achieving the required score with last round fired in the day, showing some coolness under a little pressure.

A number of other cadets achieved scores that designate a pass at Small Bore, showing that the marksmanship principles were soundly being applied, and providing learning points to develop and enhance future shoots.

Saturday evening was taken up with Full Bore weapon handling training and safety testing. In addition, the cadets were introduced to the concept of activity planning, and time management principles, as well as a Basic Life Support first aid refresher focussing on Recovery Position, CPR and control of bleeding. It was very pleasing to see how involved the Cadets became in the subject, with a number of questions being put forward that staff sometimes found challenging despite a very extensive depth of first aid training and experience.

Sunday saw the Cadets utilise the Dismounted Close Combat Trainer (firing range simulator) at Saint Martin's Plain Camp. The DCCT is excellent, if underused, for Skill At Arms training as it provides advanced diagnostics that focus on how the Cadet is handling the weapon allowing staff to visually demonstrate the Marksmanship principles.

The Cadets had an excellent day using the DCCT simulating a number of different shoots over various ranges and in varying conditions. They found the day challenging and enjoyable, and were grateful for the indoor setting as the weather outside was atrocious.

In all the Cadets acquitted themselves extremely well over the entire weekend. In particular the catering staff provided positive feedback about how polite the Cadets were, and how they worked as a team to clear away and clean their tables after meals. They were shining ambassadors for the School and DGSB CCF.

The timekeeping, behaviour, standard of dress, and cleanliness of the Cadet accommodation were all exemplary, and it was a genuine pleasure to lead this weekend with them.

From the perspective of the adults, please accept our most sincere thanks for allowing this weekend to go forwards, and we look forward to providing many more activities for the Cadets.

Chris Birmingham
OC Army Section



June English visits DGSB Year 7

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Local poet - June English visits DGSB Year 7

juneenglishphotoOn Wednesday 12 November a local poet, born in Dover came in to speak to the whole of Year 7. Mrs June English gave an interesting and inspiring talk to the year-group for about 40 minutes on writing poetry and finding inspiration. She discussed how she has overcome Dyslexia to gain a degree in Literature as a mature student and go on to publish a variety of poetry collections. Students learnt that poems can be based on personal experience or tell fictional stories, or even be a combination of both! They experienced a live reading of not one, but two of her very own poems, ‘Pipe Lines’ and ‘Dover Beach 1940’, and discussed the themes and imagery in both. The students were extremely interested in what Mrs English had to say. At the end, during a Q and A sessions, they asked sensible, interesting questions – gaining a valuable insight in to why Mrs English writes, and what started her writing.

Mrs English gave the students lots of ideas on how to approach a poem, which they noted down ready to use in future English lessons. These ideas included using the senses to bring writing to life, finding an object in their homes which holds lots of memories, and using it as a stimulus, or writing about personal experiences, and the students thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Just some of the things students said about the talk were, “It was amazing!”, “It was really interesting” and “I really enjoyed it.” This sentiment was shared by Mrs English herself, who finished the talk by saying they, “had been the best audience yet.”



Remembrance Service

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remembrance day

Dover Grammar School for Boys held its annual armistice ceremony on Tuesday 11 November. This year the students commemorated the war dead of the School by creating a field of Remembrance outside the cloisters. All 117 names were inscribed on individual crosses by the students and placed, along with earth from the battlefields of Flanders, the Somme, Arras and Normandy (representing areas current students have visited to pay their respects), around the old sundial.

The Rev Andy Bawtree, a Govenor of the School officiated at the ceremony.  There were contributions from various students including James Coe, our current Head Prefect, Archie Hamilton a Year 9 student who spoke about the very different experiences of his Great Grandfathers, Henry Warren and Sir William Orpen. Sixth Form student Kyle Withers read the French poem ‘Le Dormeur du val’ and German exchange student Jan Kluge read the German First World War poem ‘Prayer before Battle – FATHER, I call Thee!’  

Historical facts:

The school suffered 31 student and 1 staff casualty during the First World War.  The students are commemorated on a stained-glass window above the library steps. Oliver Tunnel, the staff casualty, is commemorated on a wooden plaque in the entrance hall.  83 former students were killed during the Second World War, their names are inscribed in a memorial book. Anthony Downing’s name was added following his death serving in Afghanistan.

The bugler during the ceremony was Simon Goodden (Year 9) and the organsist was Brendan Foottit.

Sophia Uselli and Jessalyn Laws  also read during the ceremony and the CCF were commanded by Adam Nunn.


Iceland Trip 2014

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Iceland2014 3 300x400Iceland 8.10.14 – 12.10.14

This year, a group of 29 students from KS4 and KS5 travelled to Iceland for a Geography and Science residential trip. The whole group thoroughly enjoyed the trip and have benefited a lot from this trip, in both their education and their own grasp of Iceland.
We flew from Heathrow to Keflavik on the afternoon of Wednesday the 8th of October. When we arrived in Keflavik, we were met by our Tour Guide for the week, Stewart. We then soon boarded our coach to our hotel. We unpacked our bags and then had some free time to check out what the hotel was like before dinner. After dinner, we went on a walk around Reykjavik and we were lucky enough to be able to see the Northern Lights. We then carried on our walk and learnt a lot about the economic situation of Iceland, a small part of the history of Iceland and a lot of the Geographical and Scientific view of Iceland.
The hotel was really nice, when we arrived there weren't many people in the hotel, but we were soon joined by different young groups who were also visiting Iceland at the time. There were many nationalities in the hotel including Irish, Spanish, Dutch and French! The next morning we had our breakfast and got ready for the day.
The second day was amazing. We visited two waterfalls, a glacier and a black sand beach. Both waterfalls were really fascinating and we were able to get very close to and we also walked behind one of them! This was great fun and luckily it wasn't too windy so we stayed relatively dry. Once again, we travelled back to our hotel which ended up being more fun than we thought as we were able to walk around and socialise with the various groups that filled our hotel.
On our third day we visited another three sites which were another Waterfall, The Geysers and a National Park on the Mid Atlantic Ridge. Each of these sights was beautiful. The Gulfoss waterfall was 32 meters high and double tiered, we were able to see where the waterfall had also fed into a river which had been affected by the ice age, leaving a 70 meter gorge in-between the sides. The Geysers were great fun. We got to see very large ones which sprayed up every 10 minutes. That was a real experience of seeing them reach up to at least 20 feet. Our last stop of the day was the National park, which although smelt very strongly of Egg Mayo, was amazing. The sights from the top of the National Park were outstanding. We could see the Mid Atlantic Ridge for miles and also the volcanoes which built up Iceland. This was probably one of the best views we saw in Iceland.
Iceland2014 1 300x400Iceland2014 4 300x225On the Saturday we went on another full day excursion. We visited a geothermal power plant, a hot spring area, a large lake and a dormant volcano. The dormant volcano was probably the highlight of this day along with the hot spring area for many reasons. The volcano was amazing as we were lucky enough to be able to climb to the peak of it and look down into the cone on the volcano which last erupted 1,000 years ago. The hot springs were good as the larger ones produced so much steam that when the wind blew we were surrounded in a thick damp cloud of steam in which we got lost and the only thing we could smell was egg mayo. This was surprisingly fun. We the went back to the hotel and had our evening activity which was a quiz made by Mr King which was won by Team 'Bruh' on a tie breaker of which the question was "To the nearest thousand, how many people live in Iceland?" Team 'Bruh' got this exactly right with the answer of 327,000. This was probably one of the highlights of our evening activities along with bowling on the Thursday night.
Iceland2014 2 300x225On our last day we went swimming in the Blue Lagoon which was amazing, we had to be careful of all the silica which lined the edges of the rocks though. The Lagoon was amazing. In parts the Lagoon was unbearably hot, where in a few small spots it was frightfully chilly. After we all finished swimming we boarded the coach and went back to the airport. We said goodbye to Stewart who had really helped us learn throughout the week but who also had given us a lot of laughs! We then boarded the flight and came back home! Overall the trip was amazing! I would definitely return back to this amazing country!

Charlie Elphicke vists DGSB

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CElphickeCharlie Elphicke visited our school on Friday, 10th of October, and met with small groups of both staff and students.  He  will be visiting us again on Friday the 28th of November to talk to our Sixth Form students.

DGSB welcomes Dutch visitors

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DGSB welcomes Dutch visitors

On Friday 3 October 2014, DGSB welcomed 37 students and 3 teachers from the Jan Tinbergen College in Roosendaal, Holland. They were hosted by 31 students from DGSB's Yr 9 bilingual group.

During the morning, the Dutch students had a tour of the School, and attended lessons in Maths, Science, French, PE and English, as well as completing a speed-dating exercise to learn more about England and school life in general. Our students welcomed the opportunity to widen their cultural knowledge, and are already looking forward to next year's visit, when there may be an opportunity to learn some Dutch as well.

Kent University Science Event

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Kent University Science Event

By Sam Edwards

The students of Dover Grammar School for Boys were treated to a morning of star-spangled science fun last week, as students from Kent University visited the School to give the budding scientists of the future an insight into the world of Astronomy.

The students from the Dover school were given the illusion of being in space, inside a special dome in which stars illuminated around them. The annual visit gave the boys in the lower years of the school a chance to learn about planets and galaxies, and the important research taking place at Kent University.

Science teacher, Michael Martin-Short said of the day's activities, "It is a good event as it brings students out of the classroom, and allows them to apply science to the real world". The activity was met with similar enthusiasm by the students, with one Year 7 saying, "I really liked how the stars curved round the dome. It looked like it was coming towards us!".

The two Kent university students, who have been running the event for five years, said "We run it for the enjoyment of inspiring students in both chemistry and physics".



War of Words - Poetry

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War of Words

Last year, the whole of year 7 took part in a poetry competition provided by the Young Writers Association. The boys had to produce a poem based around the theme of conflict and the poems were produced in class after a unit of work on poetry, including war poetry and in particular, the poems of Wilfred Owen.

Out of the whole year group, 17 boys had their poems selected for publication and we will be putting a selection of these on the website. We are extremely proud of the boys' achievement, especially as the demands of the task required them to not only write poetry, but write about conflicts, which in many cases were quite personal them.

The school has been sent a complimentary copy of the book, which is available to take out from the school library. We hope to run more competitions like this in the future, to further display the talent within our pupils.

Some examples of student works:

That one Tree
That one tree,
That was chopped down by He,
The one that moulded it,
With His carpenter's kit.
In a van, the tree was placed,
Along the road, with great haste,
In the factory, it was born,
Let's just hope, it doesn't get torn.
That one tree,
It was chopped down by He,
It just makes me rage,
Because I am the page.
Gabriel Hunter 8CH




Show Racism the Red Card
Show racism the red card
That's what I would say
Slide tackle it out of the game
And make sure it stays that way!
Racism kills the game
It is just all lame
Show racism the red card
Make sure he always warms the bench seats.
Show racism the red card
Joey Barton it away
Boot it up the backside
That's what Fergie would say.
A life-long ban a player should pay
If they are ruining the game
Make sure no one does a Suarez
Letting those words fly off their tongue.
Show racism the red card not the yellow one
Make the ref reach into his pocket
Players should wash their mouths out with sick-flavoured Lockets.
Make the players loom in the darkness
Not stay in the light
Pick it up and throw it in the bin
Show racism the red card!
Billy Howard 8CH




War of Words
Bullets raining down.
The thunder of guns.
Grenades like earthquakes.
Tanks like a tsunami,
Hurtling rocks and debris
To the people charging towards them.
The hurricane of screams rattled through the air,
Haunting everyone that heard it.
Ben Wakefield 8PT




War of Weapons
As bullets fly over the battlefield
The soldiers fall choking on blood and spit
As the hate burns like a bonfire.
Tanks pivot over the crater fields blowing away
Or getting blown away
As the sound of metal and shrapnel creak.
When the green gas pours over the ground you hear,
'Masks on old chaps',
But my mate Jack fell to the floor, shaking in a fit.
As the screaming sounds fill my head
And the bombs and grenades are hurled at each other
I see the enemy and friend looking at each other,
Pounding each other head to toe.
A wail cries over the battlefield and you see a black dot.
Everyone stops and stares.
In a blink of an eye everyone vanishes
As the nuclear bomb tears our souls.
Silence fills the world, we are finished.
George Curtis 8PT




Bombs crashing
Tanks smashing
The whistle sounds...
We sprint
Expecting death
Grenades booming
Machine-guns looming...
No mercy
Soulless enemies
Destroyers of dreams...
I am a murderer
Bred to kill
Blood on hands...
Morgan Rintoul-Heaton 8PY



International Schools Award - Reccredited

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isa cert 600x849International Schools Award

by Thomas McNeill - Year 12
Dover Grammar School for Boys have had their highly coveted status as an International School renewed until 2017. The School has been awarded this by the British Council in recognition of their work to raise awareness of the wider world among their students.
John Rolfe, from the British Council said, "The School's fantastic international work has rightfully earned it this prestigious award". Mrs Hoyle, the International Schools Coordinator, was delighted to learn the award had been renewed. She commented that it was the enthusiasm of staff and students who have embraced travelling to other countries to experience their culture and language, in addition to welcoming overseas visitors to the School, that resulted in the award. Participation has also created a greater understanding of what it means to be a global citizen and the importance of cultural understanding.
To achieve such an award the School has been involving themselves in a vast array of activities throughout the year such as a trip to Normandy in June 2014 in which students had the opportunity to delve into French history, culture and language. There was also a trip to Salamanca, Spain in March 2014, and there have been various visits from other countries to Dover Grammar School for Boys including Spain, France and Holland.
Students researched other countries and cultures in preparation for their Los Mundiales fundraiser in the summer term.
As part of an exchange programme there are also a number of German students that have joined Year 12 for the next few months to experience English culture and teach the other students some German along the way.

Olympic athlete Chris Cook visits DGSB

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Olympic athlete Chris Cook visits DGSB

Chris-Cook-Olympic-Medal 300x200

On Monday 29 September Olympic swimmer Chris Cook came to visit Year 7 students as part of Dover Grammar School for Boys' 'Inspire to Achieve' programme.

The hour-long talk with the year group promoted some excellent discussion, and gave the students real inspiration and energy to achieve their own dreams and ambitions. One student stated that the visit had 'inspired him to follow his dream of being a forensic scientist, and many more students were encouraged to share their ambitions as the session progressed.

Mrs Turner, who organised the visit, was impressed with the amount of confidence it promoted amongst the students: “As the session gathered pace, you could visibly see more hands go up, and more students participating. The level of honesty from the boys was lovely to see, and Chris facilitated discussion in a really positive way”.

Teachers on the programme will continue to work with smaller groups of Year 7 boys over the year to build confidence and promote ambition. This will be followed up by a second visit from Chris later on who will consolidate the sessions, and add extra stimulus for discussion based activities.


Japanese Students Visit DGSB

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Japanese Students Visit DGSB

Japanese students have been the latest in a line of international visitors to Dover Grammar School for Boys.

The university students spent a day with students from Years 8 and 9 last Tuesday 16th September, in order to raise awareness of the work of Fairtrade as part of an international scheme involving Kent schools. The boys took part in various Fair Trade-themed activities, including the traditional Japanese game of Karuto cards, which involved deciphering codes from Haiku, a form of Japanese poetry.

The activities were undertaken with an impressive level of enthusiasm on the part of the students. "We learnt how to say bacon in Japanese" said pupil Jay Jarman-Chantler, "It was really fun." Another student, Alfie Herrington was also keen, saying that it was "better than normal schoolwork."

The day was in preparation of Fairtrade fortnight in April, which will feature the Kent Schools' Karto final.


JapanVisitors1 600x400


JapanVisitors2 600x400



Sponsored Walk 2014

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DGSB Sponsored Walk

By Hugo Crush

Over 750 students took to the hills around Dover last Friday to raise money for Dover Grammar School for Boys. The students embarked on a 7.5 mile journey, which started and finished at the school. The aim of the walk was raising money for a new sports hall. £30,000 is needed for the construction of the hall to commence and it is hoped that this fund-raising event along with many others the school is hosting throughout the year will raise this money.

The walk started at 9:30 Friday morning and lasted until the end of the school day at 3:25. Fiona Chapman, the newly appointed headteacher of the Dover school, said of the event, "this is the first ever sponsored walk and I've been really impressed by the enthusiasm of the students... this will be an amazing event." As the students were leaving there was a general buzz of excitement and one student said "it's for a great cause, and fun too".


spon walk2014 1


spon walk2014 2


spon walk2014 3


spon walk2014 4


spon walk2014 5



Senior Prizegiving 2014

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DGSB Prize Giving

Dover Grammar School for Boys hosted their Senior Prizegiving last Thursday, 18 September. The annual event, hosted in the School Hall at the local school, saw over forty high-achieving students from last year's Year 11, 12 and 13, recognised for their hard work over the previous year. The prizes were presented by previous Headteacher Sally Lees who ended the evening with a well-received speech.

Amongst the prize-winners were top scholars Kyle Withers, 16, who achieved 9A*s and an A at GCSE in the summer, new Head Prefect James Coe, 17, who attained an impressive 4 As at AS level, and Benjamin Edwards, 18, whose 3A*s and one A at A Level earned him a coveted place at Cambridge University, where he will study Natural Sciences from October.


sen prizegiv1 600x389


sen prizegiv2 500x481



The Great DGSB Bake-off

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The Great DGSB Bake-off!

Once again DGSB is participating in a coffee morning for Macmillan in order to raise as much money as possible for the cancer charity on Friday 26th September. Last year staff raised almost £100 and the aim is to beat that target this year! To add an extra element to the morning, staff will be competing for 'Best Bake' and 'Best Department' with judging by Mrs 'Mary Berry' Chapman and Mr 'Paul Hollywood' Ralph.

Macmillian is a charity that supports cancer sufferers and their families. In 2013 they helped a record number of people affected by cancer (5.2 million) deal with the emotional and stressful side effects of having cancer. Unfortunately 310,000 people in the UK are diagnosed with cancer every

year and almost half of those people with cancer say the emotional effects of cancer are the most difficult to cope with, compared to the physical and practical aspects. Luckily as well as helping with the medical needs of people affected by cancer, Macmillan also looks at the social, emotional and practical impact cancer can have, and campaigns for better cancer care.

Macmillan Cancer Support's goal is to reach and improve the lives of everyone living with cancer in the UK and we are hoping that DGSB's Bake-off for Macmillan can help them in a small way to achieve this goal.

So DGSB staff....GET BAKING!

You can donate directly to Macmillan online via their website:







Arsenal Double Club Languages for Year 9 students.

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'Our trip to the Emirates Stadium was an enjoyable experience. We saw the pitch, the stands and the exclusive areas which you can't even pay to see. Overall, our Double Club Languages experience was a great help to those of us doing Modern Languages and we will carry the skills we've learnt into later life.'

A year 9 French and Spanish student








New Designers Trip

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Business Design CentreNew Designers Trip

Year 10 and 12 students had a very productive and enjoyable day at this years New Designers exhibition held at the Business Design Centre in Islington, London.

They were able to draw inspiration from a show case of the best graduate work in Product Design, Industrial design and Illustration.

They were also able to talk to graduates and tutors about the courses that were on offer and start thinking about which courses they might like to take up if they pursued design as a career path.





new designers islington

University of Kent Language Trip

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kentUCantLanguages Trip to the University of Kent

On Tuesday 1st July some year 8 students went on a languages trip to the Caterbury campus of University of Kent.

It was an opportunity to experience new languages through workshops, theatre presentations and quizzes.

Activities included: a Portuguese introduction to the world cup, Danish, Japanese, Farsi and a European quiz. The day was inspirational and everyone is eager to take their investigations of languages further.

Joe Wardhaugh 8 Pt Lydd



LangTrip2 300x225LangTrip1 300x225LangTrip1 300x225
LangTrip4 300x225LangTrip5 300x225
LangTrip6 300x225

Play Day 2014

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Play Day 2Play Day 1







The annual ‘Play Day’ with Dover primary girls and boys took place in Dover Town Hall last week. DGSB wind and brass players went along to lend their support and had a morning of learning new music and then rehearsing with the younger students and performing for parents.

As ever, some of the music was very straightforward (one piece involving only three notes!) and other pieces presenting more of a challenge…but bring on a challenge and these boys will take it on.

So well done to those of you who played the Glen Miller riff and congratulations to all of you players for a morning of fast learning and great music-making!

 Miss Cameron


The author Chris Bradford visits

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ys1webcoverOn Tuesday 29th of April during period 2, years 7 and 8 at DGSB welcome author Chris Bradford of 'Young Samurai' series fame.

About Chris Bradford

His best-selling books are published in over 20 languages and have garnered more than 28 children’s book award nominations, winning the Northern Ireland Book Awards 2011, Weald Book Award 2014 and the Brilliant Book Award 2014. Young Samurai: The Way of the Warrior was deemed one of Puffin’s 70 Best Ever Books, alongside Treasure Island and Robin Hood.

Before becoming a full-time author, he was a professional musician (who once performed for HRH Queen Elizabeth II), a songwriter and music teacher. He has written five non-fiction books on music, including the critically acclaimed Heart & Soul (Sanctuary, 2005).

He lives on the South Downs, England with his wife and two sons.



As part of his nationwide tour, Chris plans to introduce his latest action packed series 'Bodyguard'.

bodyguard ransom finalweb medbodyguardhostagecvrnew web med



German Students and Staff visit DGSB

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wartenberg 7491On Monday 31 March, DGSB welcomed 35 students and 5 teachers from Wartenberg and Taufkirchen, in celebration of the annual exchange with the Marie Pettenbeck Schule. The exchange has been in place for 15 years, but last year was the first time that DGSB students visited the Bavarian partner school. The exchange visit kicked off with High Tea in the DGSB Canteen. Guests were treated to scones, sandwiches and tea, amongst other typically English cuisine.

The event was attended by the Mayor of Dover, Councillor Philpott. During the week, the German students will visit Dover Castle, Canterbury Cathedral, and attend various activities and classes at DGSB.

DGSB students will pay a return visit in the Autumn.


wartenberg 7487wartenberg 7490wartenberg 7492

Salamanca 2014

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salamanca1 300On the 3rd of March 2014 DGSB Students and Staff boarded their flight to Spains capital city, Madrid. Once the 27 students and 3 teachers landed we all boarded a coach which transported us across Spain for two and a half hours to the town of Salamanca where we would spend the following five days.

When we arrived at Salamanca we went straight to our accommodation and school for the week known as Mester. The café and bar next door was where we would eat breakfast, lunch and dinner although in Spain lunch is the main meal of the day.

Every morning breakfast was served at about 8.30am in the café; which was either hot chocolate, orange juice or water served with a variety of mini croissants, muffins and lemon slices. Once everybody had finished breakfast, we all walked back to Mester where we had an hour to prepare for lessons, tidy rooms and wash.

The first lesson started and would last about an hour and forty minutes (this lesson would be on grammar), there would then be a break which was followed by another hour and forty minute lesson (this would be to practice speaking and pronunciation).

Once the lessons had finished we then had about 20 minutes to go and sort our rooms out and get dressed into clothes that best suited the afternoons activities and weather. The weather for most of the week was very good, it wasn't boiling but at the same time is wasn't cold either. After everybody had finished getting changed we continued onto the café where we would have the main meal of the day, these were usually two Spanish courses followed by a yoghurt or fruit of some sort.

salamanca2 300Following the main meal of the day we would set out on either a tour of the town, a walk up and around a Cathedral, a game of football in the local football stadium.

During the week we experienced spectacular views such as standing on top of the Cathedral looking out over the town and taking pictures in the worlds oldest library.

The town had a wide variety of history which was all explained to us both in English and Spanish by our tour guide Carlos. He took us around Salamanca telling us about things which I doubt would have been on any leaflet available.

On the last day we had an early start because we were heading to Madrid. We packed our things, tidied the rooms, said our goodbyes and thanked everybody in Mester before we boarded the coach for the three hour journey back to Madrid. When we arrived, our first stop was the Bernabeu Stadium which is home to the Real Madrid Club. As we walked around the stadium we got to experience it from all angles and even go into the two teams changing rooms.

Hundreds of photo's later we left the stadium and headed into the City Centre where we were given half an hour to wander around and go shopping.

Once the tour of Madrid was finished we boarded the coach for another twenty minute drive to the airport where we boarded the flight back to England.

Overall the week was an unforgettable experience where it is safe to say that everybody improved their Spanish skills and came away with thousands of photo's and memories which will always be remembered...

Tom Ashbee
Year 11


Disney 2014

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At the end of January, 10 of our top Year 10 students went to Disneyland Paris on a Roller-coaster Challenge trip, exploring the science, technology and maths that go into engineering and, ultimately, into roller-coaster design.

Along with Tom Stevenson and Connor Challinor, our Sixth Form helpers, Matt Ashbee, James Bowman, Aaron Langley, Chris Hall, Conor Newell, James Bryant, Darren Roberts, James Turpin, Elliott Fletcher and Jamie Laughton will be entering the National Challenge competition hoping to win again, as our team did last year.

It was a great experience to be able to hear directly from Disney engineers and designers, and to mix that with the excellent rides makes for a trip to remember!


disney 2014 sml

Competitions Evening - Thursday 3rd April

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After a fantastic inaugural event, Competitions Evening returns celebrating another year of students representing the school in a variety of activities and events.

This year's event will feature the Tutor Group Quiz finals, with Port Sandwich returning to again face Castle Boyce in the KS4 final and Priory Teresa hoping to win the KS3 title they lost at this stage last year. There will also be the live finals of the Spelling Bee and the Musician of the Year, along with the presentation and celebration of many other student achievements. All are welcome to come and celebrate and support!



The author Julian Sedgwick visits

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The visit by Julian Sedgwick author of the "Mysterium" adventure series proved very popular with Year 7 and staff alike.

Julian created plenty of mystery and suspense mixed with some breathtaking stunts to close.  Audience participation requests were well received with lots of volunteers.

The Q&A slot was lively with plenty of interest from the audience.  Julian finished with a book signing in the library giving further opportunity for the boys to interact and chat to him.


Julian SedgewickJulian SedgewickJulian Sedgewick

Guys and Dolls - The Show

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Guys and Dolls - The Show

Congratulations to the cast of Guys and Dolls for their remarkable performances on the 13th, 14th and 15th March.  Audiences were very impressed with the quality and energy of the show with its instantly singable tunes, brilliant costumes and slick scene changes.

The company of performers showed the very highest standards of ensemble working and had risen to the very considerable challenges of this classic American musical with confidence and skill.

The principle roles played by James Coe as Nathan Detroit, Abigail Taylor (Miss Adelaide), Harvey Rickatson (Sky Masterson) and Sophia Uselli (Sarah Brown) were delivered with gusto, dramatic power and musical expressiveness.  The Hot Box Club dancers were suitably seductive and fun, while the chorus of crapshooters (gamblers) gave high octane dance performances that had audiences cheering.  Amongst a strong cast Tristan Savage as Nicely Nicely Johnson stood out with his superb vocal quality in leading 'Sit Down You're Rockin' the Boat', Jason Davis impressed with his slick and menacing Harry the Horse, Sam Edwards was a compelling and slightly manic Lt Brannigan and Reuben Bearman had the appropriate level of force and danger for Big Jule.  Max O'Sullivan made a convincing drunk and Kye Clark gave a beautiful rendition of the tender ballad 'More I Cannot wish You'.

Musical direction by Head of Music Elizabeth Cameron with a small by highly effective ensemble of players was excellent as was the exciting and stylish choreography by guest choreographer Ashley Taylor.

Some members of the cast are already asking about next year's production.  Watch this space...

Farewell Dr Moxham

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Farewell Dr. Moxham

After three and a half years as Headteacher, Dr Richard Moxham is leaving Dover Grammar School for Boys to pursue professional and personal interests elsewhere.

Dr Moxham is grateful to the Governors for the opportunity to lead what he regards as a delightful school and to the colleagues and students with whom he has found it such a pleasure to work. DGSB has his warmest good wishes as it embarks upon the next phase of its development.

The Governors, for their part, would like to thank Dr Moxham for his efforts on behalf of the School, and wish him well for the future.

The Governing Body have appointed Sonette Schwartz as Interim Headteacher with immediate effect.

Sonette has been the Principal at Brockhill Park Performing Arts College in Hythe since September 2008.

Sonette Schwartz and the Governing Body, with immediate effect, will put into place the next phase of the School’s development to further the future success of the students and school.


SFSA - Ramp Up The Red

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The Sixth Form Student Association are running a charity day on the 7th of  February.

Ramp Up the Red news story


This is day is to support the work of the British Heart Foundation and Ramp Up The Red!.

Students and Staff are encouraged to wear as much red as they can and bring a £1 donation.


Ramp Up The Red

V&A Museum

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Over the past two weeks the Design Technology and Science departments took all of year 7 to the Science Museum and The Victoria and Albert Museum in Kensington. The students spent approximately two hours in each museum.

In the Science Museum students had an opportunity to look at interactive displays in the Launchpad as well as looking at other displays linked to their classwork.

In the V&A they looked at how design had evolved over time from Arts and Crafts and Art Nouveau to Post Modernism and various Contemporary Designs. They also looked at Architecture, European plaster casts and some medieval carpentry and stone masonry. As you can see from the pictures taken in the afternoon students were worn out and taking every opportunity to sit down.


DGSB Carol Service

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charlton church 300x225It was lovely to see so many parents and friends in attendance at this year's carol service at Charlton Church. The Reverend Andy Bawtree welcomed everyone to an evening filled with music from the choir, Year 7 singers, brass players, along with poetry and biblical readings from school students and staff.

Over £150 was collected for the Folkestone Winter Shelter, which supports the area's homeless in the winter months.

Thanks to all who took part, especially to Miss Cameron, Mr Shaw and our organist, Mr Davies, without whom this wonderful evening wouldn't have been possible.

Student Returns

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hy picHarry Yarnell (DGSB 2008-2013) came by this week to say that following his recent passing-out ceremony he is now officially a Royal Marine. 

Ironically, since he joined to be a bandsman, he claims not to have touched a musical instrument since August, but he is intimidatingly fit and now embarks on his musical training in Portsmouth.

Cambridge students return to inspire next generation

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caius petit 300x200Jos Crush, studying Medicine at Gonville and Cauis College, and Ben Spurgeon, studying Education with English at Homerton College, the school's two most recent entrants to the UK's leading university, returned to DGSB this week to assist with the English Department's annual mentoring scheme.

Organised by Dr Spurgeon (Subject Leader for English and Advanced Skills Teacher), the scheme is designed to maintain the department's excellent results (100% A*-C and 42% A*-A in GCSE English Language), which were singled out for praise in the school's recent OFSTED inspection, while also challenging pupils to achieve their full potential. A number of Year 11 boys responded well to the tutoring, which focused on turning their natural talent to exam success.  Exam technique and textual knowledge were highlighted as crucial.

Spencer Taylor (Year 11) commented "I enjoyed the sessions immensely and found them complementary to my work in class".

Canterbury Roman Museum Trip

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Year 7 students set off for Canterbury this week to discover what life was like in Durovernvm Cantiacorvm.

An exciting day of museum visits and practical workshops in flour milling, coin minting and catapult building revealed the answers.

Under the expert tuition of staff from the museum of Canterbury the students enjoyed honing their new skills and collecting evidence into the Roman lifestyle.

An afternoon of Roman Army boot camp under the enthusiastic tuition of the history department's Mr Ewen, Mr Brown, Miss Calver and Mrs Hoyle ensured a very tired century returned to school with their exhausted centurions at the end of the day!

catapult firing300x225roman artifacts300x225

Art Trip to Howlett's Wildlife Park

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Tiger 1Tiger 2Students from Years 10,11,12 and 13 visited Howlett's to study the large range of animals, natural forms and views around the park.
Every student took photographs and created drawings that will count towards his portfolio.
The main restaurant was taken over by our students at lunchtime who used it as an ad hoc art college.


We were very lucky to have had such a mild day for this time of year and everybody thoroughly enjoyed the trip.
It was pleasing that the park's staff praised the behaviour of our students.

Elephant 1Elephant 2

History Boys - Marlowe Theatre

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The History Boys main500x211

Students enjoyed a great performance of the play at the Marlowe. A student cast proved an excellent ensemble who brought to life themes literary and historical. Behaviour was exemplary and students and staff were equally enthralled. Ms Mingoia, Mrs Turner and of course Director of Drama, Mr Michael Thomas all offered their own insights into the piece on the foggy return to the coast.

Mr Gonsalves' presence was welcomed too! He helped us with some nice historical distinctions.

Christmas Jumper Day

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On Friday 13th December we will be holding a 'wear a Christmas jumper day' to raise money for Save the Children.

This is a nation wide campaign being promoted by the charity and we are very keen to get the boys involved.

On this day we would ask that the boys come into school in non-uniform but with the addition of a Christmas jumper.

The non-uniform will require the usual £1 donation, which will go directly to the charity.


Movember Charity Drive

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The DGSB P.E Department plus Mr Ewen (History Department teacher) are raising funds for the fight against prostate cancer by taking part in Movember.
Any and all donations are welcome.
To find out more about Movember and possibly make a donation, please have a look at our Team Page

Trip to University of London

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 A group of year 12 biology pupils visited the department of Biochemical Engineering at the University of London

The day consisted of a tour of the department and lectures. A fascinating talk on stem cell research showed how this technology is being used and how it can help patients with damaged sight and bronchial diseases this was followed by a talk on how vaccines for flu are produced and how new research at UCL will increase the way vaccines are produced in the future.

Pupils were taken on a tour of the department with pHD students who told the pupils about their research projects and what the department of Biochemical Engineering has to offer for undergraduates. There was time during the tour for questions and discussions on the cutting edge technology in the department.

Pupils were able to discuss university opportunities and entry requirements at UCL.


 Pupils shown a laboratory where stem cell research takes place


Fermentation Laboratory at UCL


 Pupils acting out how a virus works and why vaccines are important

Sixth Form Student Association Trip to Thorpe Park

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thorpe3 nov 2013A group of 56 students embarked on the inaugural Sixth Form Student Association(SFSA) social trip to Thorpe Park on Friday 25th October.

thorpe2 nov 2013A hassle free journey ensured we arrived at the park just as the gates opened meaning everyone had plenty of time to enjoy all of the rides throughout the day. Once all were safely in the staff group of Mr Wisdom-Quieros, Miss Connolly and Mr King enjoyed coffee whilst the braver members of the Sixth Form, and Callum Meadows, raced to Swarm, Saw and Stealth.

thorpe1 nov 2013The day was enjoyed by all and everyone managed to arrive back on time. Tom Stevenson and Ben Edwards even managed the feat of grading each ride against a range of criteria, if you are planning a trip to Thorpe Park in the future these are the men to talk to.

As ever the student's attitude was first class throughout the day and it proved to be very a successful first social trip for the SFSA. The first of many one hopes...

Royal Institute Trip

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ri1smlri4smlA group of 14 year 8 pupils went to the Royal Institute in London to carry out a workshop on extracting DNA on Monday 21st October

Pupils learnt about how to extract their own DNA. They learnt about this amazing molecule that codes who we are. They then extracted their own DNA from cheek cells and went away with a small piece of it in a necklace.

The workshop was a great introduction to enzymes, DNA structure and equipment usually found at degree level.

The pupils had a chance to go around the museum and look at the lecture theatre where the christmas lectures are held before the long drive back to Dover.





Trip to Wembley

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wembley1smlwembley2sml166 students and 12 staff made their way to Wembley last Tuesday to witness England’s most important game on home soil for a number of years. All three coaches were boarded at 3.20pm and we were soon on the road to the ‘Home of Football’. The atmosphere on the coaches was electric and there was not a moments peace on Coach A as all 70 people helped celebrate the birthday of Mr White. The coaches arrived in plenty of time and we all made it into the ground safely. Coach C comprising of year 7 and 8 were seated by the corner flag whilst Coaches A and B made their way up into the gods, where we were treated to a fantastic view of the game.
The game was a nervous occasion but the atmosphere was amazing, with the Polish fans being in fine voice. Goals from Rooney and Gerrard led to mad celebrations in the crowd, especially from DGSB staff.

The job of negotiating our way out of the ground and back to the coaches was made easier by the DGSB choir, who managed to sing without stopping for breath from their seats in the stadium all the way back to their seats on the coach. At no point were the staff worried about the location of our students as we could always hear them? The coach journey home on Coach A was as noisy and excited as on the way and a three hour sing song was enjoyed by those towards the back of the bus. Thankfully for the staff involved, Coaches B and C were a lot calmer on the way home. We arrived safely back at DGSB to complete a night that all those involved, staff and students will never forget.

I would like to thank all of the boys on the trip for their fantastic behaviour and attitude throughout the evening, they were a credit to the school. I would also like to personally thank all of the staff who came on the trip despite us receiving the call from Ofsted on Monday lunchtime, their support and professionalism is much appreciated.

To finish.... “Everwhere we go.............”


Shakespeare Schools Festival Trip

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Congratulations to 18 students from year 7 to year 12 who performed a powerful shortened version of Richard III in the Quarterhouse Theatre, Folkestone on Thursday 17th October to a highly enthusiastic audience.

Our performance was part of a festival of Shakespeare including three other local schools and a thousand schools nationally.

Trip to Wartenberg, Gemany

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wartenberg trip

28 students from years 9, 10 and 11 visited the Marie-Pettenbeck School in Wartenberg and MIttelschule in Taufkirchen, Germany from 7-11 October 2013. Students stayed in families, which meant that they had to use their German regularly. In addition to attending school, students also visited the BMW factory in Regensburg, Dachau, the Medieval town of Landshut and the Allianz stadium-home of FC Bayern-Munich.

Trip to the Globe Theatre

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Globe-TheatresmlStudent teacher, Mrs May, kindly took sixth formers to Canterbury to see some famous actors from Shakespeare's Globe in action.

They enjoyed a lecture and took part in an active workshop.

Great fun was had by all.

Many thanks to Mr Perrin for the transport.

Jazz guitarist entertains the students

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Recently the students were entertained during their lunch time by local celebrity jazz guitarist John Fowler.


John Ade Fowler was born in Archway London 1963. He grew up in a gospel musical environment playing various percussive instruments before discovering the guitar (the instrument of his dreams). John finally bought the guitar at the age of 16 and started to learn to read music.

He started to attend local jazz workshops on Saturdays, during this time John started attending jazz festivals in the UK, Europe and the USA. John witnessed many great legends such as: Joe Pass, Kenny Burrell, Tal Farlow, Sal Nestico, Hal Galper, Gene Harris, the late Clifford Jarvis, James Brown's band leader Pee Wee Ellis and trumpeter/flugel horn player Hajj Akbar to name a few.

By 1985 John gained addmission into Goldsmith college , London where he earned a Diploma in Jazz/popular music studies and arranging.

1987 John was working extensively in the UK jazz, blues, latin and funk/pop circuit.

During 1989 John successfully gained a 4 month contract (extended to 8 months) on the Royal Caribbean cruise ship.

In the early 90s he moved to the USA to further his music education studies.

At this time John was studying and working around music professionals in the East Coast area such as: the late great guitarist Phil Upchurch and Pat Martino. During this period he played guitar in salsa bands and played with many Spanish musicians who used to work with the late Tito Puente. John also used to play with many rhythm and blues/cover bands.

By 1994, John was back in the UK regularly performing with big bands, as a leader of his quintet, playing solo jazz guitar in theatres pre shows, festivals, hotels, functions/events and playing jazz funk.

1997 John decided to go back to university earning a BA (hons) in band musicianship.

As a full time professional with some 25 years experience playing over 2000 gigs. John has played in the National theatre, hotels, festivals, universities and has taken seminars all aorund the UK, Europe and Sydney Australia.

John's aims are to put all his experiences into his new record of smooth jazz and blues titled "Experience''.

jfowler2sml jfowler3sml


Dutch students visit

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On Friday 4 October 2013, DGSB welcomed 42 students and 3 teachers from the Jan Tinburgen school in Roosendaal, Holland.

In the morning, the Dutch students had a tour of the school and attended lessons, as well as completing a speed-dating exercise to get to know their English hosts better!

DGSB students also had the opportunity to learn some beginner's Dutch with one of the Dutch teachers.

In the afternoon, both the Dutch and DGSB students visited Dover Castle with Dr. Moxham and Mr. Chee-A-Tow.


What the students said

On Friday, students from a Dutch school called Jan Tinburgen visited. We met in the school hall for a "get-to-know" session, and then took them round the school.

After this, we took them round Dover Castle, and they completed a worksheet. We all thoroughly enjoyed the day and their company.

Simon Goodden
Joe Wardhaugh

DT Media & Film Trip 2013

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Students from a range of creative disciplines went to London for the day to attend 3 different cultural experiences. The objective was simple - experience different cultural form, discuss them and be inspired by them.

Trip to Pegwell Bay

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nt-pegwell-bay 300x200Last Friday, 27th Sept, if you had been passing Pegwell Bay you might have spotted a number of our sixth formers with quadrats and tapes sampling the plants of the salt marsh. This was part of their coursework.

No wellies were lost and despite seeing a snake and a salamander all student returned safely!

Teentech - A workshop inspiring tomorrow's innovators.

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River Centre Church Tonbridge 300x225The TeenTech Experience - The River Centre Tonbridge

The TeenTech experience was an interactive feast! The students had the opportunity to try their hand at experiments, to have a sneek peek at new technology and spend time discussing careers with Engineers and Scientists.
We had a very friendly and knowledgable 'Industry Ambassador' called Sam from Pfizers.

We had lot's of challenges and workshops including

  • The Innovation Zone - where we had to design cutting edge apps and present. Tomas was highly commended and received a certificate.
  • The Insight Exhibition - we visited 4 trade stands and took part in their interactive challenges.
  • The Challenge Zone - We carried out 'the national grid challenge' This was a lot of fun and we came runners up.

What the students had to say.....

"Overall the day was really enjoyable" Joe Blomfield

"I found this very interesting and fun because you have to try and be as creative as you could" Josh Priest

"We went to a hall that had different stalls from companies all over the UK and we had mini tours. This was my favourite bit" Bishan

University of Kent Trip

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yeatsEight DGSB sixth formers enjoyed an afternoon at the University of Kent’s English Department.

On a warm Canterbury afternoon we practised techniques for unseen poetry analysis and a witnessed a battle of the theories between Marxist and  psychoanalytical perspectives on W B Yeats’s “Sailing to Byzantium”.

Trip to Parliament – 11th Sept 2013

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Trip to Parliament – 11th Sept 2013

The debate team were taken on a trip to Parliament where they were able to watch a live debate in the House of Commons, make their own laws and meet their local MP. From learning about Guy Fawkes to debating the proposition of free universities, an interesting and exciting time was had by all.

Geography Field Trip - Lille, France

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Geography Field Trip - Lille, France

Grand Place - Lille, FranceA-level Geographers visited France on Friday 5th- Saturday 6th July to complete A2 fieldwork investigation.

We visited Lille, one of the finest examples of urban regeneration in Europe. Students collected a wide range of data and were able to survey contrasting districts of the city thanks to Lille’s driver-less Underground.

On Saturday, equipped with substantial fieldwork equipment, we surveyed sand dunes in Bray-Dunes for nearly one kilometre inland. Despite soaring temperatures, the teams collected high quality data which will be invaluable for their investigation and their A2 exams next year.

The Woman in Black

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The Woman in Black

woman in black sml9CH’s trip to see ‘The Woman in Black’ at the Fortune Theatre in London was full of anticipation.

Despite the glorious sunshine and bustle on the Southbank, the boys were immediately swamped by the dark, gloomy interior of the theatre, nervously awaiting the arrival of the woman herself and trying to remain still due to the old, squeaky chairs they were sat upon. With shocks and surprises throughout, the play was a successful addition to the boys’ understanding of Susan Hill’s popular novel.

New Designers Exhibition

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New Designers Exhibition

new-designers-2013-03 smlOn Saturday we took 3 year 12 students to the New Designers exhibition at the BDC London, a showcase of the best graduate work from around the country. This gave them an opportunity to collect inspiration for their final projects and to see where they could take their Design education to the next level.

Richard III at Dover Castle

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Richard III at Dover Castle

richard iii smlTwelve of us enjoyed a cold but spectacular evening watching Richard III at Dover Castle. The king himself was superbly acted and brought the story to life or should that be death? Our IB students relished the experience  of seeing a play live in such a location as did Mrs Lloyd, Mrs Turner and Dr Spurgeon.

In the footsteps of Blake

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In the footsteps of Blake

plates 02 smlDr Spurgeon and Mrs Turner wandered London’s chartered streets in the footsteps of the poet/prophet Blake. Near the chartered Thames they visited Tate Britain where their Sixth Formers were enthused by Blake’s work. At the V and A they saw a copper etching used for a song of Innocence.

An inspiring day!

Trip to Dover Police Station

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Trip to Dover Police Station

How not to drink…

police1-150x150On Monday 1 July 15 students from DGSB went to Dover Police Station for a training session on responsible drinking. They were spoken to by a local soup kitchen volunteer and Acting Sergeant Neil Mennie, who spoke about the sort of alcohol related problems he has to deal with daily.

police2-150x150They were then given a tour of the custody suite and given the opportunity to try on some goggles that simulate the visual disturbances of being drunk. Students found completing really simple tasks very difficult whilst wearing the goggles.

Amanda Monk Peak, Head of SMSC at Dover Grammar School for Boys said, “This was a brilliant opportunity for our boys. They got to hear from the people on the front-line who deal with the dangers of drinking every day and they got to see where they would end up if they were to make those poor decisions and choose to drink irresponsibly.”









More information can be found on the Kent Police Website

Trip to Château du Molay in Normandy

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Trip to Château du Molay in Normandy

40 DGSB students from years 8/9 and 10 swapped life in Dover for Château du Molay in Normandy on June 24th for a week of history, languages and culture.

Highlights included Frogs’ legs and snails, D-Day landing zones, battlefield archaeology, sandcastles, Camembert and a famous tapestry.

Photos can be seen on our Twitter feed, @DGSBtours

Lake Garda Music Trip

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Lake Garda Music Trip

lake garda 300x241A joint music trip by Dover Girls Grammar School/Dover Grammar School for Boys to Lake Garda Italy, departing from DGGS on Thursday 18th July at 3.30pm. Students and Staff will stay near Lake Garda for four nights, and will start to return home after midday on Tuesday 23rd July to arrive at DGGS early morning on Wednesday 24th July.

On the tour, our students will:

  • Perform Three Concerts as part of a regional music festival.
  • Visit iconic sites in and around Lake Garda.
  • Visit Venice (or Verona)
  • Learn a little about Italian culture and the language.
  • Have fun making music as a group.


Year 10 Geographers visited Whitstable

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Year 10 Geographers visited Whitstable

photo-225x300On 21st June, Year 10 Geographers visited Whitstable as part of their Controlled Assessment fieldwork.

They gained an insight into the work of this busy harbour including shipping, fishing, wind farm maintenance and Brett Aggregates. They also collected valuable primary data for coursework comparing variations in tourism in different parts of Whitstable.

The Grambos

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The Grambos

'Not quite the Grammys, Not quite the Mobos it's the GRAMBOS'

Hello fellow colleagues, popular culture fans and film lovers

It is with pleasure that we invite you to attend the inaugural Dover Grambo Award Ceremony.

This is a chance to celebrate, reward and showcase Media and Film Studies student work from across 2012 and 2013.

The ceremony will be held on Thursday 27th of June in the Main Assembly hall at 4pm Members of the School teaching and support staff community have cast votes 4 different award areas.

BEST HORROR SCENE made by Year 11 students

gb horror2 smlgb horror1 sml





The brief is to create the opening scene of a film using conventions and hallmarks of the Horror genre.

Videos can be viewed here: DfhghU


BEST OPENING SEQUENCE made by Year 12 students

gb openseq1 smlgb openseq2 sml





The brief is to create an opening sequence from a film rejecting established styles, genre and convention by placing focus on character and narrative intrigue

Videos can be viewed here: zaYeXw


BEST DOVER13 FILM made by Year 13 students

 gb dover1 smlgb dover2 smlgb dover3 sml

The brief is a film challenge agreeing to the following rules:

I swear to the following set of rules drawn up and confirmed by Dover13

All shots must be static
Straight cuts only
Must be more than one location, must not be School
Must be silent - no soundtrack at all
Must include someone eating
Must be called 'Awakening'
Must be in black and white
Must not use generic conventions
Must be shot and edited in 48 hours from when you receive the camera
Must be 2 minutes long

Videos can be viewed here: UkKxAm

NB - Students challenged Mr WQ to also take the challenge. His film is on there, but is not up for the award.


BEST MUSIC VIDEO made by Year 13 students

 gb music1 smlgb music2 smlgb music3 sml




The brief was to create a music video for an existing song.

The videos can be viewed here: ZRdw06

In addition to the giving of awards there will be the chance to witness some of the teaching staff in acting roles!!!




Brass Quintet from Trinity College of Music visit DGSB

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Brass Quintet from Trinity College of Music visit DGSB

The Year 7 boys were treated to a visit and special Assembly on Tuesday 18 June by a Brass Quintet from Trinity College of Music, a London Conservatoire. The boys had the opportunity to hear exceptional playing from these talented students and were introduced to the instruments of the ensemble by the players themselves. The versatility of the group was highlighted by performances of film music, marches and classical favourites as well as some very special effects. This was a remarkable opportunity for our boys to hear some very distinguished playing on home territory and we hope to welcome groups from the Conservatoire again; inspiring stuff!

Dover School Orchestral Play Day

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Dover School Orchestral Play Day

On Tuesday 18 June, a group of DGSB Musicians took part in the Dover School Orchestral Play Day at Dover Town Hall. DGSB have become the core of performers in this annual Deal Festival Event and in addition to playing as part of the large Orchestra of 100+ children from Primary and Secondary Schools across the District, the boys were able to take on mentoring and leadership roles with the younger children, some of whom will be joining DGSB in September.

A full church for DGSB Carols by Candlelight

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A full church for DGSB Carols by Candlelight

Some 200 people attended the annual Carol Service at St Peter & St Paul, Charlton, on Wednesday 12 December. 75 musicians from across the school provided the musical feast with three choirs and brass leading the music as diverse as Mendelssohn, medieval carols and latin responses. Readers from the whole school community, boys, governors and staff told the Christmas story in biblical and poetic words. All of this by Candlelight with everyone joining in the big favourites including Silent Night, Hark the Herald and O Little town of Bethlehem.

Thanks to all who took part, to Mrs Cameron and Mr Shaw for all their immensely hard work and support, to the boys who sang, read and provided support and to all who made this a special occasion and very appropriate start to the festive season.


The DUX Awards

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The DUX Awards

A recent nomination to the Dux Awards saw two Year 9 boys given the opportunity to spend the day at Edinburgh University. They experienced what University life would be like and even sampled two seminars. The first was on Informatics – Robots that play football, robotic arms etc. The second was a Philosophy seminar – discussing whether robots are human.

Edinburgh Trip

I was nominated for the Dux award which is a scheme that allows students in year nine to visit a university of their choice (for me, it was Edinburgh University) and to hopefully encourage high aspirations in the future.

The journey began very early on Sunday 2nd June (when I would usually still be in bed). We arrived at Folkestone Central station and were prepared for a seven hour train journey in total, stopping off at st Pancreas and catching another train at London Kings Cross station which would finally take us to Edinburgh.

We eventually arrived at Edinburgh at around 3:30pm and were shocked at the stunning surroundings and architecture. We decided to try and find the hotel, though this turned out to be slightly more difficult than it seemed because the map told us to go the wrong way. Due to our struggle, we got a taxi to the hotel and found our rooms – which were at the top of a three storey set of stairs!

After unpacking our bags, we set out to explore Edinburgh. We stopped off at ‘Wagamama’ restaurant which was a first for me, and I have to admit I found the chopsticks quite hard to use! The best part was watching Mr Harris trying to eat his ‘firecracker chicken’ dish! It must have been hot, as his eyes began to water and he looked quite warm.

The next morning we got up at 7:00 and were treated to a free full English and continental breakfast.

We arrived at the University fairly early and were given a welcome pack that told us about the University. We were also given an itinerary that told us what we would be doing. There were numerous students from all over the UK that had also won the award. However we found out that we had travelled the furthest by far!

The day began with a welcome meeting and a little insight into the University. We then got a tour around most of the campus. We looked at the high-tech library, the lecture halls and a small part of the accommodation on site. It was surprising to see how large the University was, due to the fact that it was not all situated in one small area, but that there were numerous sites across a large amount of the city.

The first lecture we had was about artificial intelligence and looking at robots in action, we had a go using a prosthetic arm that opened and closed its hand to the muscle movement in your arm. We then looked at robots playing a small game of football which was very impressive. These robots were able to judge where the ball was and where they were on the pitch, the outfield players were able to kick the ball toward the goal and the keepers were almost able to stand in the right place to try and save the ball. The best part about the robot keepers for me was that they had the ability to dive. In some cases, this happened at the wrong time, but they were still in the right direction. This showed that there was room for improvement, but it was still very impressive.

The fact that one of these robots cost around £15,000 and their battery life was only around 20 minutes, didn’t put me off still wanting to get one!

The final part of the Artificial Intelligence workshop was looking at a robot playing Connect 4. The robot was able to calculate where to place the counters in order to make you lose. No one has ever beaten the robot, but I gave it my best shot. The robot didn’t make it any easier by dancing and mocking me afterwards.
After lunch at the university, there was another lecture about Philosophy. The topic was ‘Can a robot be human?’ We looked at a story which told us about a girl who was built as a very intelligent robot that felt pain and had feelings, the question was – could this girl be human?

The university tour ended with a small Q & A session and finally a bus tour around Edinburgh to show us all of the key monuments and sights.

The next day we awoke to yet another full English breakfast, and finally we reached the train station a few hours later for another seven hour train journey back home!

I would definitely recommend this experience to any other Year Nine students. It was very interesting looking at how the university functioned and made me think about opportunities in the future.

Aaron Langley

In this piece of writing I am going to talk to you about the trip to Edinburgh University that Aaron Langley, Miss Parsons, Mr Harris and I went on.

To start with I am going to tell you why we went on this trip. Russell Group universities in the UK have set up an award in which the top student from each school in Year Nine gets the opportunity to visit a university. Therefore Aaron was selected as the top student. However they said we could take two students. So I was selected too.

On Sunday 2nd June we met at Folkestone Central train station. Our journey meant swapping trains at St Pancras and Kings Cross. The train journey was very long.

When we arrived we dumped our bags in the Travelodge then walked around the city. We walked along the Royal Mile which is the tail of an extinct volcano that the Castle is built on. We also saw the Scottish Parliament building. Many of the old buildings were covered in soot from the smog in the industrial revolution. To end the day we had a meal and went back to the Travelodge.

On Monday morning, we met to have breakfast before taking a taxi to Edinburgh University. Here we were greeted by some students. The day started with an introduction about the University, more details about why we were on the trip, and about Edinburgh and its history.

We were taken on a tour around the campus and I was surprised how big it was and by the amount of Societies that are available to join. We were shown the Library which was six floors high, and other areas such as the accommodation, places to eat and places to socialise.

After the tour we went to our first lecture, which was about robotics – detailing the improvements and developments that have been made to robots. The Lecturer explained how in the past robots only responded to commands. However, new developments now mean that robots learn from things and think for themselves.

Next, we split up into four groups to have a closer look at some robots. The first station we went to was a prosthetic hand which we had the opportunity to use. Our challenge was to pick up a bottle of water and place it back on the table. It was very exciting and scary because the hand was worth eighty thousand pounds!

The next station was football-playing robots. Using laser sensors the robots knew the position of the goals, the pitch, the ball and other players were. I was surprised by how good they were.

The third station was a robot that played Connect Four. I consider myself quite a good Connect Four player but the robot beat me! The robot has never been beaten although someone did draw with it.

The final robotics station was highlighting a problem with robots, this being their battery life. To extend the battery life they have made a pair of robot legs whose stiffness adjusts to the floor surface.

The next lecture was Philosophy. The question was “Can a robot be human?’ We discussed the topic for a while and then we came to the conclusion that it can’t.

To end our day at the University we were told more about university life. There was a panel of students and a question and answer session. This was very helpful because it gave us an insight into what you do at university and what the days consist of, and it has changed my opinion about university in general.

On leaving the University we went on an open bus tour of Edinburgh. The views were fantastic and we learnt a lot about Scottish history. We then went out for a meal at Nandos and back to the Travelodge.

On Tuesday we returned home.

Overall I think the trip was very beneficial for me because I learnt a lot about university life. Another great thing was that I got to visit an amazing place that otherwise I might not have had the opportunity to go to.

James Bowman

German Students Visit

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German Students Visit

Some students of German spent the morning of 22nd April working here at DGSB, with their counterparts from Bavaria. It was excellent to see real communication between the young people, and it is very much hoped that we shall visit Wartenberg in October 2013. Watch this space!

What the Students thought…

On Monday the 22nd April a group of German students from around the Munich region came to visit us. We took part in activities such as writing down our favourite things, for example favourite TV programs, football teams etc. We would like to thank all those responsible for arranging this event. Working with students from another country and from DGSB but in Years 9 and 10 was fun and enjoyed by all.

Guy Proctor, in Year 8
On a nice, windy day, Monday 22nd April 2013, 32 German students of Wartenberg from Southern Germany, near Munich visited DGSB for part of  the day. These students were here to talk to us about basics, holidays, sports, likes/dislikes, future, past, present, hobbies. We then gave them a tour of our grand school including the Gym and the Maths blocks. They particularly liked the hall because they said it looked a bit like Hogwarts. We then returned to the canteen to create/play games. We also spoke to them in German.

Examples: Wie heisst du? Ich heisse … Was macht du? Ich mache …Wo wohnst du? Ich wohne … Talking to the Germans was quite helpful as they would correct our grammar if needed. They spoke pretty good English as well so we were able to communicate well with them.

Sahil Gurung and Brandon Douglas in Year 9

‘Buddy’ author Nigel Hinton visits

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‘Buddy’ author Nigel Hinton visits

nigelhinton-294x300Nigel Hinton, the author of the children’s classic ‘Buddy’ came to talk to 7 Channel about his writing career. Mrs Turner, our Graduate teacher programme teacher, had contacted Nigel who agreed to come in and tell us about the process of writing. He amazed us with tales about the process of composition and its multifarious twists and turns. Nigel described the mental process of asking himself questions about the characters he was creating. One character emerged from a pair of leopardskin underpants Nigel imagined in a chest of drawers!

The talk was extremely valuable for our year 7s, who had been studying ‘Buddy’ earlier on in the year, and has certainly given them the drive to read the numerous other books he has published.

French students visit DGSB

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French students visit DGSB

On Monday 10 December 2012, DGSB welcomed 56 students (boys and girls) and 5 teachers from College Louis Germain in St Jean de Vedas, Montpellier, France.

They were welcomed in French by Headteacher Dr. Moxham and were hosted by 27 students from DGSB’s yr 8 and yr 9 bilingual group. In the morning, the French students had a tour of the school and attended lessons in Maths, Science, French, PE and English, as well as completing a speed-dating exercise, where students practised speaking in the foreign language.

In the afternoon, students visited Canterbury with Ms. Hoyle, Mr. Chee-A-Tow and Mr. Harris.

Guy Proctor (8PT Winchelsea) writes:

‘The last activity of the day was a trip to Canterbury. DGSB students had to take the students from Louis Germain to a significant location in Canterbury. Everybody involved enjoyed the activities in Canterbury and we would all like to thank the students from Louis-German for agreeing to come and participating in the activities.’

Dutch Students visit DGSB

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Dutch Students visit DGSB

On Friday 5 October 2012, DGSB welcomed 42 students and 3 teachers from a school in Roosendaal, Holland.
They were welcomed in Dutch by DGSB yr 12 student Arthur Davis and were hosted by 14 students from DGSB’s yr 8 bilingual group. In the morning, the Dutch students had a tour of the school and attended lessons in Maths, Science, Music, French, PE and English, as well as completing a speed-dating exercise to get to know their English hosts better! DGSB students also had the opportunity to learn some beginner’s Dutch with one of the Dutch teachers. In the afternoon, both the Dutch and DGSB students visited Dover Castle with Ms. Hoyle and Mr. Chee-A-Tow.

John Ford (8CH Gris Nez) writes:

‘I enjoyed the whole day, especially learning some Dutch and visiting Dover Castle. Although I had visited the castle several times with my family, it was interesting to go with a group of foreign students who were very enthusiastic about everything. They spent a long time inpecting every single item displayed in the keep and seemed very impressed by it all. Luckily, the weather was alright and we could explore the grounds and admire the views, including France. The Dutch students seemed very friendly and I would really like to visit their school and town.’

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