Coronavirus (Covid-19) Updates

With the situation regarding the spread of Covid-19 evolving hour by hour, we will be putting copies of relevant information and letters in this specific section of our website, for your convenience and ease of reference.

Letter March 12th 2020

Letter March 13th 2020

Letter March 17th 2020

Letter March 18th 2020

Letter March 19th 2020 - School Closure

Letter March 20th 2020 - Y7 to Y10 Information for Parents

Letter March 2020 - Letter on Exams and Grades

Letter 25th March 2020 - Update for Parents and Students

Letter 28th March 2020 - Update for Parents on Learning from Home

Letter 31st March 2020 - Letter to Parents

Letter 1st April 2020 - HT Update to Parents at End of Term

Letter 3rd April 2020 - GCSE and A-Level Grades Update for Parents

Letter 15th April 2020 - Start of Term 5

Letter 1st May 2020 - Letter to Parents on Internal Examinations

Letter 14th May 2020 - Update to Parents, with associated documents:

Letter to Parents 19th May 2020 - School Reopening Plans

Letter 22nd May 2020 - End of Term Update for Parents and Carers

Letter 1st June 2020 - Expected Partial Reopening of School 

Letter 1st June - Y10 Expected Partial Reopening of School Information

Letter 1st June - Y12 Expected Partial Reopening of School Information

Letter 11th June - Y10 and Y12 Guidance Meeting Health and Safety Protocols

Letter 19th June - Health and Safety Protocols for School

Letter 22nd June - Wider School Reopening Information

Letter 2nd July 2020 - Reopening of School in September - Letter to Parents

Letter 3rd July 2020 - GCSE and A-Level Results Day 2020 - Parents Info

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