Values & Ethos

Our school is a learning community with a vision and ethos that has been developed and committed to by all its members – students, staff, parents, and governors. 

At DGSB we have identified five core intellectual characteristics that we all aspire to develop. Our students will leave school as Independent, Resilient and Confident young men and women who are Ambitious in the goals they set for themselves and who are Critical Thinkers in all that they do. These intellectual characteristics will not only ensure that our students achieve academic success, attaining qualifications that open pathways to any career they choose, but will also succeed in their future lives beyond school.

Furthermore, we expect our entire community, adults and students alike, to demonstrate Responsibility and Humility in their behaviors, show Empathy and Respect towards others and to act with integrity at all times. These values ensure that our school is a happy, caring and well-disciplined community that respects all individuals and individuality.

We look to stimulate and challenge the minds of our students through both their academic studies and the wealth of enriching extra-curricular experiences that they participate in. We are developing a technology-rich learning environment that ensures our students gain the skills to cope with the ever-changing needs of employers as well as learning to interact safely and responsibly with the online community. We ensure that our curriculum is constantly evolving to reflect the society that we live in and to provide students with the opportunity to engage with our wider local community through work placements, volunteering, and collaborative projects. It is our aim for every member of the DGSB community to be proud of their school and the part they each play in adding to its long and impressive history.