Triple Science GCSE

Triple Science - Students are taught by subject specialists in biology, chemistry and physics in preparation for two examinations of 1hour 45 minutes in each discipline. There is no coursework, instead students carry out set experiments throughout the three years which are then assessed in the final examinations. Students taking Triple Science are awarded GCSEs in Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

We start teaching in year 9 and usually run through the topics in the order they appear below with exception of Chemistry where some of the calculation and bonding is covered later when students are ready for these more challenging topics.

Biology topics

1. Cell biology

2. Organisation

3. Infection and response

4. Bioenergetics

5. Homeostasis and response

6. Inheritance, variation and evolution

7. Ecology

8. Key ideas

Chemistry topics

1. Atomic structure and the periodic table

2. Bonding, structure, and the properties of matter

3. Quantitative chemistry

4. Chemical changes

5. Energy changes

6. The rate and extent of chemical change

7. Organic chemistry

8. Chemical analysis

9. Chemistry of the atmosphere

10. Using resources

Physics topics

1. Energy

2. Electricity

3. Particle model of matter

4. Atomic structure

5. Forces

6. Waves

7. Magnetism and electromagnetism

8. Space physics



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