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    Have you every wondered why humans act they way they do? Are you interested in finding out about the causes and treatments of disorders such as OCD and depression? If so Psychology may be the subject for you.


    In Psychology we study the AQA linear specification.


    Year 1

    Social Influence- In this unit we look at why people obey and conform to other people. We focus on trying to explain horrific events like the holocaust and why seemingly normal human beings went along with others and committed such awful crimes.

    Memory- In memory we study how the human memory works and what happens when we forget content. We also apply this to eye witness testimony and look at police techniques that are used to help witnesses remember what they have seen.

    Psychopathology- This topic focuses on three main disorders, OCD; depression and phobias. We study the characteristics of each disorders and also look at a range of different causes and treatments.

    Attachment- This topic focuses on our first attachments to our primary care giver (normally our mother or our father). We look at the different types of attachment styles and the consequences of a poor attachment. Interesting parts of the topic include our study of affectionless psychopathy and its link to poor attachments in early life.

    Research Methods- This is where we look at the methods of conducting psychology studies. We will look at the strengths and weaknesses of the different methods but will also design and conduct our own research based on this knowledge.

    Approaches- This is the building block of psychology. We will study the different approaches ways of understanding human behaviour. This will include topics such as the biological approach, psychodynamic perspective and many more.

    Biopsychology- Here we will channel our inner biologist! We will look at biological functions and systems such as the features and areas of the brain and our nervous system and will look at how that affects our behaviour. My favourite topic is Sperry's split brain research.

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    Year 2

    Relationships- In this topic we look at romantic relationships. From why we find people attractive all the way through to why relationships break down. We also focus on virtual relationships and the phenomena or parasocial relationships (most commonly when people convince themselves they are in a relationship with a celebrity even though the celebrity has never met them).

    Eating Behaviour- Here we look at the physiological systems which control when we feel hungry and full. We also specialise in explanations for the cause of anorexia and obesity.

    Forensics- This topic focuses on why people turn to crime and the best ways to punish and rehabilitate criminals after they have committed a crime. We also look at criminal profiling and learn how to use psychological research and previous criminal trends to tell what the person who committed the crime may be like just from the evidence left at the crime scene.

    Issues and Debates- Lastly this is the topic which looks at the problems with psychological research and the key debates within the topic. We study things like the nature nurture debate and talk about whether we think psychology can ever be considered as a science.


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