PSHE & Citizenship

PSHE is a very important subject and is given at least 1 hr a week lesson time in Ks3 with 1 hr a fortnight in Ks4. Our curriculum is designed to support students in their emotional and physical development whilst preparing them for the world beyond school as a conscientious and resilient person.   

Year 7

All students will experience two streams of the curriculum in yr7. One will focus on developing a 'Growth Mindset' which emphases the importance of effort and embraces the prospect of challenge. The other stream will cover topics including:

'What is DGSB DNA'? Keeping Mentally and Physically Healthy, 'Where does food come from'? What is a family'? 'What is Society'? Basic Economics

Year 8

What is democracy? Who am I, who are they? Addiction, 'Arm yourself against adverts', Coping with life, Conservation and the Environment

Year 9

Sexual Education- 'The Mechanics'! An introduction to Political Structures, Parenting and Sexuality, Drugs Awareness, Human Rights, Radicalisation

Year 10

What are British Values? Study Skills- The mini EPQ, Mental Health- A project designed to promote awareness within school.

Year 11

The Economy, Your Career, Media Awareness, NCS- Team Work development

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