Philosophy, Religion & Ethics

In Ks3 we aim to deliver a varied approach to this discursive and engaging subject. We cover the key beliefs of not only the 6 main world faiths but many other religions. Further to this we introduce ethical and philosophical debate which challenges academically and enthuses pupils who engage critically with the world around them.

In ks4 pupils all take the Eduqas GCSE. This takes a focus on both Christianity and Judaism whilst exploring wide ranging ethical and philosophical issues.

The A-level is highly regarded by Universities and employers as a challenging course that sets up skills in research, clarity of argument and analyses.

Year 7

What is Religion? 'The Big 6' World Faiths, Sikhism, British Paganism, Who is Jesus?


Year 8

Philosophy of Religion, Buddhism, Islam in the Modern World, Dealing with Death, Faith and Food


Year 9

An introduction to Philosophy, An introduction to Judaism and Christianity at GCSE, (All following content relevant to Eduqas RE GCSE) Christian Beliefs and Teachings, Issues of Life and Death, Christian Practices


Year 10

Issues in Human Rights and Extremism, Judaism Beliefs and Teachings, Issues in Human Rights and Extremism

Year 11

Jewish Practices, Issues of Good and Evil, Revision of all content.

The A- Level

Coverred are a wide ranging Ethical theories and issues inc. Euthanasia and Business Ethics, whilst a broad approach to the study of Philosophy is undertaken including ancient works by Plato and Aristotle. It encourages questions about the 'rightness and wrongness' of things as well as probing analyses into the existence (or nonexistence) of God.  The development of Christianity is also studied and includes modern analyses of the Bible from- amongst others- feminist approaches. It also asks what are the Christian responses to issues such as sexual ethics.  

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