English Literature

Revision for the English Literature practice examination in December


Parents of year 11 students should be encouraging their son to begin the process of revision for the December mock examination.

This will feature ”The History Boys” and the first nine poems from the Eduqas Anthology. We follow the Eduqas specification and all the poems are available online along with numerous YouTube videos available. The poems are listed below:

“The Manhunt”  Armitage

“Sonnet 43” Barrett Browning

“London” Blake

“The Soldier” Brooke

“She Walks in Beauty” Byron

“Living Space” Dharker

“As imperceptibly as grief” Dickinson

“Cozy Apologia” Dove

“Valentine”  Duffy

Teachers will visit/revisit the poems in class but extra work at home is vital.

Quotations need to be memorised and the earlier they start the better.

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