What is Charity Day?

Charity is in our DNA at DGSB.  To reflect this 2017-18 will be the inaugural year of monthly ‘Charity Days’.  Each year group will take it in turn to take over the School Hall for one lunch break and fill it with vibrant and creative stalls designed to make as much money as possible for their chosen charity.

Within each year the form groups will be allocated their own area in the hall and must create stalls and games.  They can choose a charity to represent and have been encouraged to think about supporting these based on personal reasons or wider, global concerns.

To ensure the boys produce enterprising activities the winning form group and year group will be acknowledged with prizes and their names placed on the ‘Charity Shield’.

The following totals were achieved on the Yr7 charity day, which took place on 20/10/17:

7D - £75.00

7R - £48.52

7O - £45.35

7E - £40.13

7V - £13.95

7E raised £40.13 for the Snowflake foundation.  All other forms raised money for Cancer Research UK and raised a total of £182.82.


Congratulations 7D!


The Yr8 charity day will take place on the 22/11/17 with stalls and events set to take place in the hall throughout lunchtime. Pupils are encouraged to bring in money for these stalls.

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