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Posted on: 06/12/2019

Miss Calver's Travel Blog - Update 2!

Miss C 2


This term I have gone on my first proper trip!  I flew out to Mexico at the end of October in order to witness The Day of the Dead (dia de los Muertos) which is celebrated 1-2 November. It was an amazing experience all round; I was blessed numerous times so fingers crossed the rest of the year goes well and I even managed to pick up some Spanish! I never got to learn this at school but trust me, it is such a useful language – spoken all over The Americas (bar Brazil) and even in the USA the signs were English and Spanish! I didn’t get chance to properly visit the USA unfortunately – just had layovers in Texas and Miami. I nearly didn’t make it AT ALL (I can’t blame Thomas Cook this time either) as I foolishly did not realise, I would need a visa for the USA – despite only traveling through! Luckily our visas were approved in half an hour (longest thirty minutes of my life) but they can take 72 hours and we would have missed our flight. An important lesson learnt there for sure.

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