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Posted on: 15/05/2019

CCF Annual Adventurous Training Camp

On the 6th of April DGS CCF went to Weymouth in Dorset, one of the many great places we have visited at cadets, for our annual Adventurous Training camp. Once we arrived we had a tour of the camp and were given the timings of when we needed to be at certain places. After that the evening was our own time to hang out and relax.

The next day we went to Weymouth Outdoor Education Centre where we were split into 4 groups. We could choose before we went so that we could be in a group with our friends. My group and one other were put down for a day of watersports for this day. This meant that my group spent the morning doing coasteering. This was great as we got to challenge ourselves by jumping off tall rock faces down in to the ocean below. We then returned for lunch and afterwards did Stand Up Paddle boarding. For this you either go on a solo board and can paddle around with friends or you can go on the monster board and basically play king of the hill surrounded by water. This was probably my favourite day of the camp.

The day after we returned to WOEC to do a day of dry activities. This started in the morning with us abseiling down a cliffside. The weather was especially nice on this day creating a beautiful view as I descended on the cliff face. Then in the afternoon we went out and did rock climbing in the afternoon to start it off but then split down in to smaller groups and went through a tunnel system that they made where we could go around following different trails, each with different difficulty levels that we could try out. To end this day our group was allowed to try out their escape rooms as an extra for it being the last activity with them.

On our final day of activities, we started the day with a tank museum, that I'll admit was not the most interesting thing there was, but it did provide a nice break from the constant activities to just talk with my friends and relax. In the afternoon we got to do a kayak tour of Durdle Door in our groups which was very pleasant and was quite a scenic and fun journey to do.

Overall I really enjoyed Adventurous Training and was worth going on as it provided new experience and gave me new memories with my friends. I would highly recommend going on it for everyone and anyone as the most cadet thing about AT is that we stayed on an army camp whilst we were there and even then the only people we shared it with was another cadet force.

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