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Posted on: 07/03/2019

World Book Day at DGSB 2019

DGSB has taken part in World Book Day 2019. Whilst it might not have been taken to the level of some local Primary schools, it was nevertheless given pride of place in several lessons throughout the day.

Throughout the English Department, discussions began early in the day about the importance of reading. This year’s tagline for World Book Day is: ‘Reading Is Power’ and the boys came up with some inspiring thoughts and compelling arguments on just how true this is.

In Mrs Townsend’s class, Year 7 were learning about Maya Angelou and writing their own work in her style. Connor Lyng from 7O was delighted with his work and proudly showed it off to Mr O’Gorman at break time.

Mr O’Gorman’s Year 9 and 10 classes were given an impassioned introduction to Japanese author Haruki Murakami and asked to reflect on what it is that would go into creating their own ‘ultimate’ author, before writing a blurb for their fantasy author’s debut novel.

Even MFL got in on the act as Miss Tomes Year 8 German class were introduced to ‘Willkommen und Abschied’ (‘Welcome and Departure’) by Goethe; the boys engrossed in decoding the poem and working out how best to translate it into English.

While many more departments participated throughout the day, we were unable to get around to take pictures of all who took part. Overall, the staff and students alike entered into the spirit of WBD2019 and all of the boys left with their £1 book token. With any luck they’ll be on their way to the local bookshop this weekend and discovering that reading is indeed power!

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