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Posted on: 05/03/2019

DGSB Visits House of Commons on behalf of Young Carers

Cara Dalton, one of our Science technicians, also runs the Young Carers group here at DGSB was invited to an afternoon tea hosted by Lucy Allan, MP for Telford, on behalf of Carers Trust to celebrate the 'Young Carers in Schools' programme. Emma Dovener, National Co-ordinator, Young Carers in Schools, invited Cara and who she met with beforehand. She co-ordinates the award scheme and applications. (Attached is a photo of us outside.) Cara has previous experinece work with Young Carers in schools as she has also helped deliver Young Carers support in a primary school and got a Gold award, we at DGSB have just recieved our Bronze Award and are currently working on our Silver. 

Several Young Carers gave a speech at the beginning. One described how teachers tell him off for being distracted in lessons (he worries about his mum) and gets bullied. Another described how some nights, she sits and comforts her mum who has several mental health conditions,  meaning she can't go to bed or do her homework, and so gets in trouble.  It was hard listening to but really nice knowing that our school is supporting our Young Carers, not punishing them.

Cara chatted to MPs and their aids. One aid was really surprised at how many Young Carers there are and not only, how easy it is to support them but how huge the impact of support can be. MPs were asked to sign a pledge to help Young Carers, in particular, not remove them from Ofsted criteria. The MPs with Young Carer constitutents speaking at the tea, made sure they popped in to support them and posted photos signing the pledge.

She had quite a chat with Giles Meyer, Chief Executive, Carers Trust (photo attached) and Kathryn Hill, Director of England, Carers Trust; about how the Young Carers in Schools Programme is very user friendly: all the resources are freely accessible to download and that as a school, no additional money has been spent on on Young Carers support, we have redirected resources and formalised our fantastic pastoral support. A huge benefit is that the programme works on embedding itself within the school ethos, not being just a flash in the pan.

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