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Posted on: 23/07/2018

Scorching Heat but Valiant Efforts as Priory Take the Cup!

Following the recent DGSB Sports Day, congratulations go out to all the competitors who valiantly battled against very hot conditions to try their hardest both for their houses and for the school.

Many thanks also to the staff who assisted on the field events, with track duties and photography as well as the Media Department and their Sports Day Live! team who were recording the events throughout the day.

The feedback from staff, parents, the Chair of Governors and most importantly the pupils was overwhelmingly positive. It was extremely pleasing to see clear evidence of unity between boys in the same House and their consistent support of each other throughout the day.

Overall standings:


  YEAR 7  YEAR 8  YEAR 9 YEAR 10
1st PRIORY      157  CHANNEL   151  CHANNEL      PRIORY      154 
2nd PORT          134 PRIORY      133 PORT            135 PORT          143
3rd CASTLE      129 PORT          127 CASTLE        129 CASTLE       126
4th CHANNEL   116 CASTLE      125 PRIORY       114 CHANNEL    115
1st PRIORY      558 pts      
2nd CHANNEL   540      
3rd PORT          539      
4th CASTLE      509      

Finally congratulations to Priory House on winning the Championship Shield - roll on next year!

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