Careers Information

Our Careers Lead in school is Mrs J Freeland,

She can be contacted via email on 

Or she can usually be found in the 6th Form Mindset Room (Next to the DT workshops). 

She is willing to offer and help she can to any students of any year for Career Information. 

We arrange for a Career's Officer from outside the school to come in and have individual meetings with students, who wish to have the meetings, about careers advise. 

There is also a Careers Library, based in the Library, it is very small mainly catering for those in 6th form although some of the information needed can be found in 6th form arears too. 


Take a look at a rescource the Libary has made contact with recently and hoping to stock a number of resources from here - 

Keep your eyes peeled for these new resources, but in the mean time take a look at their website. 

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