Economics - Dover Grammar School for Boys


A Level Economics at DGSB follows the Edexcel A specification.

In both years the course is taught by one teacher but, both major disciplines of the subject, Microeconomics and Macroeconomics, are taught throughout the year with specific periods of the week allocated to each discipline.




Introduction to markets and market failure

The UK Economy – performance and policies

The nature of Economics

Measuring economic performance

The nature of Demand

Aggregate Demand

The nature of Supply

Aggregate Supply

How markets work – price determination

Macroeconomic equilibrium

How markets work – price mechanism in action

National Income

Market Failure – Externalities, public g/s, info gaps

Economic Growth

Government intervention & failure

Macroeconomic objectives & policies





Business behaviour & the Labour market

A Global Perspective

Business Growth & Objectives

Globalisation & Trade

Revenues, Costs & Profits

Exchange Rates & Balance of Payments

Perfect Competition & Monopoly

Poverty & Inequality

Monopolistic Competition & Oligopoly

Development economics

Pricing strategies & Contestable markets

The financial sector & the Central bank

Government Intervention

The role of the state in the macroeconomy

The Labour Market

Macro policies in a global context

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