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Posted on: 21/11/2017

DGSB Remembrance Day Service, Friday 10th November 2017

DGSB Remembrance Day Service, Friday 10th November 2017 Friday 10th November saw the annual service of remembrance in the school hall.  This year’s theme was that of ‘Sacrifice’ – a poignant and symbolic recognition of the effects of war. The service opened with Joe Wardhaugh on the piano.  Beethoven’s ‘Moonlight Sonata’ echoed around the hall, as ‘a mournful ghostly voice sounds from the distance’ – a moving and apt personification of historic sorrow. A video created by Media student John Wyatt accompanied the piano piece, reinforcing the modern relevance of ‘sacrifice’ in today’s society. Ahead of the DGSB CCF contingent parading into the school hall, John McCrae’s ‘In Flanders Fields’ was touchingly read by Henry Wheeler, a poem written out of McCrae’s personal loss during WWI, emphasising and reminding us all of the loss of a nation.  This sentiment was further embedded as Mr Rosier stood to expand on the nature of ‘sacrifice’, while Captain John Wiggel addressed the concept of sacrifices in conflict and war.  Reverend Andrew Bawtree then said a few short words about the significance of laying wreaths, followed by the actual laying of these by Mrs Chapman and Captain Wiggel.  Simon Godden of the CCF then admirably took on the responsibility of playing the ‘Last Post’. A moving rendition of Edna St Vincent Millais’s ‘Sonnet’, read by Fyona Lackenby, was a touching reminder of ‘remembrance’ and an appropriate finale to the service.  As the CCF paraded out and Joe Wardhaugh once again played, a sombre feeling settled over the hall, a reminder that we shall never forget the sacrifices and loss but will always retain hope for the future.

3 Blog Posts found

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